Who we are?

airDeal is a multivendor ecommerce platform which is a concern of airDeal Limited, a private limited company registered under Company Act, 1994 bearing its registration number C-162190.

Our Story

airDeal is an unique online shopping platform launched in 2020 based on Bangladesh. airDeal offers a combined platform to B2B and B2C Customer at wholesale and retail price. 

A large amount of highly qualified entrepreneur and experienced staff are working together to set up a unique and long lasting ecommerce platform for seller and customer. We always try to find 100% quality products to deliver our customers.

airDeal offers a diverse assortment in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, beauty, fashion, leather goods, medicine, gift items, books, sports equipment and groceries.

airDeal is focused on providing an excellent customer experience, ease of purchase, comprehensive customer care, hassle free shopping and returns experience.

Our Values

Changeability: We embrace and anticipate change and growth, which drives us every day.

Team Work: We are working and growing as an integrated team, that power allows other people to achieve their goals.

Customer Commitment: We believe in giving the best to our customers, sellers, government and society for a sustainable business.

Integrity: We treat our each partners and customers as most valuable member of the company with mutual respect and work for mutual benefits. We also expect the highest standards of honesty and deliver our commitments.

Ownership: We know our priorities, and when we do something, we do it with focus and perseverance.


What we are?

A unique featured multi-vendor online shopping platform. Here you can buy your authentic goods for:

§  Personal Consumption at retail price;

§  Office or Business Consumption at wholesale price;

§  Resale or Trade Purpose at wholesale price.

Buy a bulk amount or MOQ to avail wholesale or discounted price.


Why choose us?

Customer choose us for:

Reducing Cost:

·       Individual customers chooses us to get their life style products at very competitive and reasonable price to reduce their lifestyle cost.

·       Corporate buyer chooses us for quality goods, cutting their overhead and achieving organizational goal by making organization at more profitable.

Reseller/ retailer chooses us for cutting their stock cost and making their business more profitable.

Attention to Details:
It’s always our attention to keep customer relation that makes us stand out from the rest.


Our prices are very competitive and reasonable. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you.


Faster Delivery:
We takes all necessary steps to  ensure delivery within 2-3Days inside Dhaka City, and 3-7Days outside Dhaka.


Vendor Verification:

·       We verify our vendors and their products to deliver 100% authentic product to our customer.

·       We also measures vendors reliability based on the customers review, so that, we can ensure products authenticity and quality.


Seller choose us because:

·       We make payment within 3-7 Days from delivery date.

·       24/7 selling opportunities.

·       We make an additional market & more profit.

·       Additional market & more profit.

·       We have chosen by professionals.

·       We arrange digital marketing like. SEO and social media.

·       We understand & promote your brand. 

·       Our collection procedures is very easy. 

·       Because we focus on quality.

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