Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Payments to sellers are based on orders successfully marked as ‘Completed’ to the Customer in the Seller Dashboard. In case a payment has been issued by airDeal to the Seller for a delivered item that is later returned to airDeal by the customer, airDeal will deduct the equivalent amount in the next cycle and return the product to the Seller (subject to return policy). Items that are in transit or at a airDeal warehouse location will be clearly listed on each Marketplace sales statement provided to the Seller.


Payments for delivered products will be settled on a weekly basis according to the following structure where “t” is the last day of the payment cycle:

t + 3: Sellers can view their statements from Seller Dashboard the ‘Reports’ section.

t + 5: Amount transferred to Seller’s bank account via Inter Bank Funds Transfer.


In case of public holidays/weekends falling upon these dates, the payment date will be released to the first upcoming business day. In order to be eligible for payments, the Seller must have to send a withdrawal request from their “Dashboard” and always keep a copy of the request (at least for 3 months) for products handed over to a airDeal nominated shipping provider.


If a customer’s claim for a counterfeit item is valid, a penalty fee will be charged from the seller (Commission of counterfeit item * 2).


For all orders (prepaid or cash on delivery) the seller will be paid after the deduction of airDeal’s commission and any penalties or adjustments.


If a ‘Returned Item’ or ‘Delivery Failed Item’ is not returned back to the seller within 30 days from shipped, the Seller will be compensated by airDeal.

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