Forever Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser


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  • Contains Aloe Vera and fruit extracts.
  • Gently removes makeup and debris.
  • Won’t over dry skin
  • Advance skincare treatment
  • High Quality
  • 100% organic
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Product Description

Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser is the first step in the Sonya Skin Care Regime and it leaves your face feeling wonderfully soft, fresh and clean each time you cleanse.


  • Begin each morning and evening with Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser.
  • Apply cleanser to fingertips, then rub fingertips of both hands together before applying cleanser to face and neck.
  • Massage cleanser over face and neck to remove makeup and debris.
  • Wipe off cleanser with cotton ball or pad, then rinse face and neck thoroughly with warm water.

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