Samsung Upright Refrigerator | RR39M73407F/EU | 390L


500.00৳  Cashback
  • Features
  • Frost Free
  • A+ Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Refrigeration No. Of drawers=2
  • Refrigeration No. Of Shelves-6
  • Refrigeration No. Of Pockets-7
  • Dimensions-1853mm(H) x 595mm(W) x 694mm(D)
  • CFC Free-Yes
  • HFC Free-Yes
  • Door Alarm-Yes
  • Cooling Technology-All Around Cooling
  • Technical Specification
  • Capacity Gross Fridge-390
  • Dimensions Net-W595 | H1853 | D694
  • Dimensions Packaging-W646 | H1950 | D760
  • Refrigerant-R600a
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Product Description

More space inside

Has a large capacity, but in a Cabinet Fit design that will fit harmoniously into your existing kitchen. There’s plenty of room to store your weekly grocery shopping, and it’s much easier to keep everything neatly and efficiently organised, so you can quickly find and take out the things you need.

No more frost & ice

No Frost technology enhances the circulation of air to maintain a constant temperature in every corner of the refrigerator, which prevents the build up of frost and ice. It also reaches the target temperature much faster, increases the cooling system’s durability, and avoids wasting power on def.

Cools every corner

The All-around Cooling system continually monitors any temperature fluctuation and cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level to create a multi-directional airflow, so it maintains a constant temperature and food stays fresher.

Fast cool

Power Cool provides an extra burst of cooling to lower the fridge’s temperature when new items have been added to ensure they are kept fresh and stored safely.

Smart energy saving

At the heart of this refrigerator is a Digital Inverter Compressor that intelligently varies its power and running speed according to how much cooling is needed. Unlike a conventional compressor, this one doesn’t stop and start abruptly, so it consumes less energy, and there’s less noise and wear and tear – so it lasts longer. Stay worry-free with our 10 year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor.

Easily store & reach

Reaching into your fridge often means navigating an obstacle course of items, but the Slide-in Shelf simply slides in and out. So you can efficiently store, organize and access your food – quickly and easily finding and reaching things at the back and in every corner, with no “dead space”.

Fit more in the door

Fitting large or oddly shaped items into the fridge can be a challenge. So an Adjustable Bin in the door helps you easily organize and flexibly store more and different sized items. You can adjust the space to accommodate all sizes of bottles, cartons and other items and ensure they stay in place.

Optimal humidity

The Humidity Control Vegetable Box keeps even more fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time, especially as it’s large enough to store bulky items. It continually adjusts the moisture level to maintain the optimal humidity by automatically opening and closing a vent to hold in or release moisture.



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